Certified Translation of a Birth Certificate

The birth certificate is one of the most important civil status documents worldwide. It is usually issued to every person at birth in every country in the world to certify their place of birth and identity.

Over the course of your life you will be confronted with many events regarding the administration and bureaucracy of a country and in order to register these events you will have to present your birth certificate.

One of the most beautiful events in a person's life is probably finding the right partner. If you have fallen head over heels for somebody, you often want to reinforce your common path through marriage by stepping in front of the altar to solemnize your marriage. In order to have the whole thing registered with the state, regardless of faith and tradition, and to gain social status, the future life partners are required to present a birth certificate.

But what to do if you were born abroad and the birth certificate is in a foreign language? Here, the authorities require a “certified translation”, which can only be done by a court-approved translator.

You have now mastered this path and can call yourself a happily married couple. The honeymoon was great and the time afterwards was full of love and passion. When luck is in your favor, the happy couple grows into a small family. A baby is coming. Probably the most beautiful and miraculous event that can happen to a happy married couple. We say "Congratulations".

The baby is here and now has to be registered at the registry office. The birth certificates of the parents are also required here. If you have a foreign birth certificate, you must submit a certified translation.

It doesn't matter if you need to translate 

  • an arabic birth certificate or
  • a Russian birth certificate or
  • an English birth certificate or
  • a French birth certificate or
  • a Georgian birth certificate or
  • an Italian birth certificate or
  • a birth certificate from any other language,

With us, you will receive a certified and officially recognized translation of your birth certificate sent to your home quickly and securely by post.

Please note that you almost always have to submit the original to the registry office so that it can be checked for authenticity. The translation must also be created by an approved translator in the form of a "certified translation". Otherwise, you run the risk that the translation will not be recognized by the authorities.

You can conveniently order a certified translation of your birth certificate via our online shop for certificate translations. The finished translation will be sent to you in a few days by post to the desired address in Germany. It is sufficient for us if you upload the scanned birth certificate or send it to us by e-mail after completing the order. Submit the original to the competent authority in addition to the translation.

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