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Order certified translations of certificates and documents conveniently via our online shop. The finished translations will be sent to you by post in a few days.

How do I order a translation?

1.) Select document, enter delivery address and pay online.

2.) After completing the order, you can send us the document you want to have translated. You can do this via upload, WhatsApp, fax, messenger or by replying to the confirmation of your order.

3.) We will create your certified translation within a few working days.

4.) You will conveniently receive the translation at home by mail.

اطلب ترجمة مستنداتك ووثائقك من جزر القمر بكل راحة عبر موقعنا على الإنترنت وستصلك الترجمة خلال أيام قليلة عبر البريد المضمون

بعد إنهائك عملية الطلب سيصلك رابط على بريدك الإلكتروني تستطيع منه تحميل المستندات بكل أمان، يمكنك أيضا إرسال المستندات على الواتساب أو الفاكس أو الماسينجر أو بالرد على رسالة تأكيد الطلب التي ستحصل عليها بالإيميل

ستصدر الترجمة المصدقة خلال أيام قليل< وسنقوم بإرسال الوثائق إلى منزلك عبر البريد المضمون

Frequently Asked Questions

<h3> Will the translation be certified?</h3>

Yes! You will receive a certified translation from a court-approved translator in Germany for submission to government agencies and authorities.

<h3> How do I get my certified translation?</h3>

If you order translations, the finished translations will be sent to you by post to the desired address in Germany. Depending on the scope of your translation order, the processing time is expected to be 7 working days (plus shipping). For larger translation jobs, the processing time may vary unless otherwise agreed.

<h3> Who creates state-recognized certified translations?</h3>

Certified translations are created by translators who have been authorized to do so by a court in Germany. Pursuant to § 142 Paragraph 2 Clause 2 ZPO, the authorization refers to the certification that a translation is correct and complete. Such translations are usually accepted by all authorities in Germany based on § 189 GVG.

We create state-recognized and certified translations for submission to authorities for all languages . Contact us.

<h3> Are my translations from Germany recognized abroad?</h3>

Certified translations issued in Germany for use abroad must be pre-certified and re-certified by the Higher Regional Court and often legalized by foreign consulates and embassies before they are valid abroad. Some consulates and embassies only accept their own translators who are accredited by the respective consulate or embassy.

If you plan to use translations abroad, it is advisable to contact the receiving office beforehand and to clarify the requirements for the recognition of the translation from Germany there.

<h3> Are my translations from abroad recognized in Germany?</h3>

In most cases, translations made abroad are not accepted by the German authorities. Here it is regularly stated that the translations must be made by a translator sworn in Germany.

We create state-recognized and certified translations for submission to authorities for all languages . Contact us.