About Us

Shop-Translation.de is part of the translation company ReSartus, which was founded in 2016. After the founder recognized the time and organizational effort that document translations cause in the private sector, he wanted to make it easier for private customers to process the order and for customers who often work full-time to find translators who mostly worked from home and are difficult to reach , spare. It was found that in many places within a radius of dozens of kilometers there are no approved translators for the required language at the customer's place of residence and that they therefore often have to make great efforts to have foreign documents translated for submission to the German authorities.

That's why we created Shop-Translation.de, an online place for ordering translations of documents for submission to authorities in Germany.

We thoroughly check the quality of our translations and only work with reliable court translators to ensure you receive the best quality. The translations that you receive from us are checked by approved translators and certified with their stamp and are recognized and accepted by authorities in Germany.

ReSartus stands for the combination of the highest quality and exceptional customer service. More importantly, however, we believe that document translation is not a luxury, but a particularly important and necessary matter. Since certificates are always personal and confidential documents, confidentiality and data protection have the highest priority for us. And that's another reason why we strive to deliver the highest quality document translations at attractive prices - regardless of where you are.

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